More than just a trail camera!
GSM trail camera KUBIK for hunting and monitoring of premises.
Wider functionality. More convenient to set up. Lower energy consumption
Engineered in Russia, KUBIK is a novel design of GSM trail cameras with ultra-low energy consumption, possibility to upload images to cloud storages (Yandex.Disk, etc.), Bluetooth LE and WiFi.

With dedicated mobile app, the tuning up process has never been simpler. You won't have to deal with cryptic SMS commands or remove KUBIK every time you need to have its settings changed via the interface. The mobile apps are available in English for both iOS and Android.

Small-size and stealth, KUBIK will be a vigilant guard at your premises and a night watch on hunting grounds, sending you full-size images even at poor signal strength.
KUBIK can do more!
KUBIK is easy to install and tune up. It boasts extremely long working time and expanded functionality
Ultra-low energy consumption
KUBIK sets itself apart by ultra-deep sleep technology, a mode in which its energy consumption is almost zero (~65 µA).

This allows KUBIK to work extra long and make more images.

KUBIK won't keep you walking the sites to change battery.
Wireless technologies
One more important feature about KUBIK is wireless technologies – Bluetooth low energy and WiFi.

With Bluetooth, all camera settings can be changed from the mobile app and there is external sensors support if you want to increase the range. Where there is WiFi network, images can be obtained from the camera without GSM.
Extended functionality
With KUBIK, images can be sent not only via MMS or email but also to an FTP-server and cloud storages such as Yandex.Disk.

They can be viewed and shared with hunters and colleagues from any place of the world. Images can be downloaded into single archive file.

If you want images to be made at special times, there is an inbuilt flexibility for timer setting.
Safe and easy operation
KUBIK is a small-size and stealth device. Its dimensions and color solution make it almost invisible. At a premise or in woods, installation is an easy process and does not require electricity.

The tests conducted on KUBIK by a military enterprise confirm that it remains functional at temperatures as low as -60°C and high as +65°C and 99% humidity.
Watch bait fields right from home
In a collective hunting activity, KUBIK can't be more convenient.
It won't keep you walking the sites for battery change. One battery set will last KUBIK up to six months.

The PIR sensor is high-quality and well-calibrated to spot nothing but animals. KUBIK won't give you false alarms!

Images coming from different cameras can be stored in a cloud in folders and sorted by date. Easy storage, easy retrieval, easy download.

You are free to give access to images to as many people as you want – land owners, game warders, hunters.
24-hour presence to guard your property!
KUBIK is a ready-to-install kit. No need to hire an installation team.
With camera, motion sensor and motion image transmitter, it's an all-in-one device.

The GSM-camera setup is available via Bluetooth, intuitively simple and fast.

Every time a motion is detected at your premises, images will reach you in no time.

Any of the camera functions can be activated via Wi-Fi without a cellular network.
KUBIK video reviews
Thermoclimatic tests of GSM - camera KUBIK. Part 1. Refrigeration to -76°F (-60°C)
Thermoclimatic tests of GSM - camera KUBIK. Part 2. Heating to +146°F (+65 °C)
Thermoclimatic tests of GSM - camera KUBIK. Part 3. Trial KUBIK by raining.
What makes KUBIK setup so simple?
The mobile apps are available in English for both iOS and Android
We have a 15-year track record in dedicated electronics engineering
Established in 2004, our company operates under the name of LEMA since 2007.

Our core business is design and manufacture of dedicated electronic devices:
  • Digital bird calls and hunting accessories under brand name HunterHelp;
  • Novel photo and video devices under brand name KUBIK.

Our every design project starts out in the nature, in field conditions. Once it grows into a prototype, we test it in real-life conditions.

Over the years of our existence, we have gained a reputation as a leading Russian producer of dedicated electronics. The specifications we developed for our broadband speaker Hunterhelp Alfa have been recognized the world's best!
HunterHelp and KUBIK products can be found in hundreds of hunting, fishing and tourist stores from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Some of our products are exported to our neighbor countries and far abroad.

Every year we showcase our products at trade shows in Russia and abroad, including Germany's IWA & OutdoorClassics in Nürnberg, the world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and for civilian and official security applications.
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